What is Diastasis Recti Abdominis?

Diastasis recti abdominis (DRA) is a separation and lack of tension across that linea alba that commonly occurs with pregnancy and abdominal weight gain. This can happen due to muscle imbalances, core weakness or nonoptimal muscle recruitment strategies with every day tasks such as getting out of bed and higher level tasks such as core strengthening exercises.


One hundred percent of women have a separation of their rectus abdominis muscles during pregnancy, but the muscles approximate postpartum in many women on their own. If the abdominal wall is unable to maintain tension across the linea alba, the risk for pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and back pain is greater. It is imperative that women know how to assess for a DRA during pregnancy and postpartum. If your abdominal wall “cones” with activities such as getting out of bed or with exercise you have a clinically significant DRA that needs to be treated by a specialized Physical Therapist. At Progress PT – Midlothian, we assess for DRA by palpation, muscle testing, and rehabilitative ultrasound imaging. Based on our findings, we teach each patient individualized exercises to help tension the abdominal wall and approximate the rectus abdominis muscles during functional tasks. During these times of social distancing, we can also offer virtual visits over numerous digital platforms to assess and treat your abdominal wall dysfunction.  Our goal is to help you get back to painfree, safe activity as soon as possible!


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