Community Ed

Community Education

Our Licensed Physical Therapists believe in community outreach. Over the years, we have provided education to many groups, including church groups, Physician groups, high school athletic teams and travel athletic groups. Below are some of the topics we have presented. If you would like us to come educate your group, call Amanda at (804) 918-8515! We could speak on any of the topics below or we could discuss other topics that would benefit your group!

Topics for Community Education:

  • Prevention of foot pain
  • Common Running Injuries
  • How to Avoid Neck Pain and Headaches in a High Tech World: Strategies for taking better care of your neck and back
  • Women's Health - What can Women's Health Physical Therapists do for incontinence and/or pelvic pain?
  • How can your organs Influence your muscles and joints?
  • The Core and the Pelvic Floor: Fitness for the new Mom and the Mom-to-be
  • Pre and Postnatal