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"Amazing! If you have EDS, this is the place to go. I drove a long way specifically to see a provider at this clinic because I was having difficulty getting my hypermobility diagnosed and needed specific advice. It was one of the best experiences I've had—they take excellent care of their patients and are extremely knowledgeable. Like most individuals with hypermobility, seeing providers is rarely fruitful and can be a demoralizing experience. I had previously had a horrible experience with a gynecologist and they treated me with care and listened to my story with compassion. I didn't realize it was possible to leave a doctor's office and not be upset. If you're on the fence about it, I urge you to give them a chance, and I would highly recommend."
Jan 27, 2023
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"Ten years ago, my low back and pelvic floor were so dysfunctional that I was living on the floor for months and couldn't take care of my newborn baby. I had gone through multiple physical therapists (none of whom were successful) before I found Amanda and she discovered the keystone of my problem-- my pelvic floor. To be honest, I would still be on the floor if it weren't for her help. I had already seen surgeons, osteopaths, and other specialists who had no idea how to help me. With a lot of hard work, Amanda and Myra Pumphrey pieced me back together. Being a very hypermobile person, I am quite prone to injury. A few years ago, my uterus prolapsed and Amanda helped me avoid a hysterectomy. My 2 sisters (also hypermobile) have chronic issues, as well, and she helped them navigate their problems, too. I feel so fortunate to have found Amanda and Progress Physical Therapy. Battling chronic hypermobility, especially as I age, is not easy. It's so reassuring to know that I've found a team of experts to help me stay active and out of pain as I get older."
Jan 24, 2023
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"Macye is simply the best!! I cannot emphasize enough how well she provided respectful and client-centered care. She heard me and had extensive knowledge around pelvic floor health. I felt validated and so comfortable sharing all of my history with her. She walked me through every part of her care, and I found myself looking forward to this process. After many failed attempts with pelvic health, I feel optimistic and well supported by Macye’s care!"
Sep 02, 2022
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"Dr. Macey and everyone at Progress have been wonderful, both expertly knowledgeable and compassionate. I am grateful for treatment that restored my health and that enabled me to have a full life. So pleased to have had physical therapy at Progress."
Jun 17, 2022
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"Mayce is phenomenal and has made my first PT experience a great one. I was hesitant at first, but now look forward to this time every week that I get to focus on me! The exercises she gives me to practice are working well, and the staff are very friendly and helpful."
Jun 09, 2022
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"One of the most thorough, thoughtful and insightful physical therapists I have ever been to. Amanda is extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the human body and musculoskeletal system. Evidently from pre-natal to geriatrics. They also have a wider range of treatment options than most physical therapist offices. I’ve been to several. I am very impressed and normally I’m not. I would recommend this practice for men, women and children."
Feb 07, 2022
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"From the front desk to my therapy sessions, expect professional and caring expertise. This isn’t your typical therapy office. Amanda Watson and Amanda Miller have figured out in a few sessions what no one else has figured out since I had Covid. I thank them so much and wanted to share it with you."
May 26, 2021
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Dec 23, 2020
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"Such a wonderful group - compassionate and highly effective!"
Aug 05, 2020
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"The best P/T experience all around for women’s health and injury as well. I’ve been through many P/T’s but Dr. Amanda Miller Avila is by far the most knowledgeable and qualified I’ve ever met."
Mar 06, 2020
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"The staff is extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and great educators. The facility is clean and quiet. They are super efficient, every appointment is right on time! They are really helping me!"
Oct 24, 2019
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"The staff is extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and great educators. The facility is clean and quiet. They are super efficient, every appointment is right on time! They are really helping me!"
Oct 24, 2019
Feb 20, 2019
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"This team is amazing - extensive training, thorough evaluation techniques, and individualized and comprehensive treatment. You will feel the difference."
Jul 18, 2018
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"Progress PT saved a life this year. Mine. By the time I found them, I was virtually floor bound and on the verge of losing my job. I could no longer take care of my baby or play with my 3 year old. My kids had to adapt to a mommy who lived on the floor and couldn't pick them up or even play the simplest games. It was painful to sit or stand, so I spent most of my time on the floor with a TENS unit and ice pack to simply bear each minute of the day. I had given up all hope.


I had already been to 3 other physical therapists (one of them in Georgia!) before I found Progress PT. I had been to a chiropractor, spine surgeon, and osteopath. I had spent hundreds of dollars on heat laser therapy and massages. I had spent even more money at the medical supply store buying supplies that could help me just manage my day: a TENS unit, a grabber, a wedge for sleeping, back braces... and I am only 36 years old! I knew that I had hit rock bottom when I had to put my 7 month old in daycare because I couldn't care for him anymore. I also had to reduce my work hours to half a day because a full day was unbearable. It was becoming clear that I would soon have to quit my job and my husband would have to take on the full-time role of being the bread winner, parent, and caretaker.

One of my problems? SI joint dysfunction. It has given me quite some grief over the last 2 years. After working with so many specialists, I've learned that it is one of those problems that is never straight forward - each case is unique and can be quite complicated to fix. 'Unique' and 'complicated,' however, are exactly the types of problems Progress PT embraces, I came to later find out.

Having been let down so many times, I was skeptical at first when I first started at Progress PT. I figured I would try them for 3 sessions before I decided if I would stay. The 30 days of PT that insurance allotted me had been depleted and I would have to pay out of pocket. I decided that if I showed ANY improvement, it would be worth the money to stay. At this point, that would be farther than anyone else had gotten.

After 3 weeks of Myra and Amanda collaborating on my complicated case. However, it became clear that they were going to dig me out of the very dark place I had been living for so long. I was immediately impressed with their 'problem solving' approach to my situation. Myra explained that I was a puzzle and she needed to figure out all the pieces before she could fix me. t took some time to figure out all those pieces, but they were slowly uncovered and individually addressed. One big piece to my puzzle was that my pelvic floor was atrophied and needed attention. Amanda Miller used her expertise in this specialized field of physical therapy to help me regain the necessary strength in this part of my body. It turned out to be one of the major keystones to my recovery.

Myra and Amanda are still slowly but surely putting all my pieces back together again. I will never forget my excitement when I hit major milestones in the beginning: standing long enough to make scrambled eggs, walking to the end of the street, walking into the grocery store to get milk, and taking a 5 minute trip to Target. My milestones now, after 7 months, are more like: working a full day at school, starting a Pilates program, swimming 10 laps in the pool, kicking a soccer ball with my son, and putting my baby in his crib. I feel like I'm starting to join the land of the living again. I admit I was reluctant to accept that I was making any progress in the beginning, but Myra and Amanda had faith in me before I had faith in myself.

A simple thank you isn't even close to the deep gratitude I feel. How can you properly thank someone for giving you the chance to hold your baby again, or walk your child into preschool without crying from the pain, or go on a date with your husband because it no longer hurts to sit? How do you thank someone for enabling you to return to a profession you loved but thought you would have to quit? How do you thank someone for giving you your life back?

" No one else could figure out how to successfully address my pain but Amanda was able the eliminate the back and neck pain that I was having after my first pregnancy. She not only was able to help me gain stability back after my first pregnancy in order to have a second baby but also helped me achieve a pain free second pregnancy! She is very bright, professional, and on top of her field, yet is easy to talk to, honest, trustworthy, and always takes the time to offer thoughtful explanations to all of my questions even with her very busy schedule. Her positive, exercise based approach, specifically tailored to me, has been key in helping me gain strength back after both pregnancies and I would not have come this far if it wasn't for her!"

- Kristen G.

"I was fortunate to find a Physical Therapist in Richmond with Amanda’s knowledge and expertise in treating pelvic pain. She is thoughtful in her approach and always willing to answer questions. Amanda has made a huge difference in my understanding of pelvic issues and I highly recommend her."

- Susan S.

"As a patient with IC and chronic pelvic pain, my treatment at Progress Physical Therapy – Midlothian has helped me tremendously. I have seen many doctors, tried different drug remedies, and spent much time in pain trying to find answers and relief. My treatments here have made all the difference. I have hope now, where there was none."

- Angela L.

"I came to Amanda Miller at Progress Physical Therapy with pelvic floor issues (namely burning and urinary leakage). She assessed my issues and has helped me tremendously. When I leave after an appointment, I immediately feel so much better. She is so helpful and always glad to answer my questions. I am so glad to have her helping me!"

- R.J.

For what it's worth, thank you. If I could stand at the top of a mountain and shout it out, I would. (For now, you will have to settle for me standing at the top of a Stairmaster.) My trek has been a long one and the road has been rough but I'm already starting to see the horizon at the peak...and the view is magnificent!"

- Sarah M.

"I am so pleased with the staff here at Progress Physical Therapy. When all other treatments failed, I found immediate help and relief of my painful condition. Thank you, Amanda Miller, you are truly the BEST!!"

- A.W.

"Amanda and everyone else has been so amazing, kind and great to work with. I have improved so much physically and owe it all to Progress Physical Therapy."

- Monica D.

"I'd received Physical Therapy for 10 years in 3 different states before I came to Progress. Nobody beats their breadth or depth of clinical knowledge and hands-on expertise. No one will take better care of you."

- Laura M.

"Very professional. Saw me on time."

- G.K.

"The therapists at Progress give the high level of professional and personal care I want for my patients. I recommend them to friends and family as well."

- Dr. Helen Adams

"Caring and committed, Progress PT works hard to understand your issues and put a plan in place to cultivate success, specifically for you and your issues"

- David

"I can't imagine anywhere else that I would like EVERYONE so well! Each individual is a strong and committed member of this highly effective team"

- L.J.

"I have been informed so that I understand the treatment - excellent care and people"

- Bill C.

"Thanks for helping me. I appreciate that prevention is the best cure"

- Heidi L.

"A practice representative always answered the telephone during business hours. Scheduling was flexible."

- R.A.

"Progress Physical Therapy offered a non-invasive, holistic approach to improving my condition. I would recommend Progress Physical Therapy due to a professional approach, interested providers, competent staff and excellent results!"

- Rene A.

"I wish I had gone to Progress Physical Therapy 2 years ago. I am now pain free and know what to do to stay that way."

- Walter W.

"Progress Physical Therapy has very advanced methods to rehab sports injuries. Worked for me!"

- Michael S.

"I couldn't have made it through my difficult pregnancy without the help and support of the excellent physical therapists at Progress Physical Therapy."

- Pascale T.

"Some of the very best therapists not only in Richmond but in the mid-Atlantic area. They make my good post surgical shoulders great!"

- Dr. Worland
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"I must say that Progress Physical Therapy is the most organized, smoothly run PT clinic I have ever dealt with."

- Nancy G.

"I limp in but I always walk out perfectly. Everyone is so friendly in the office!"

- Maria P.

"After 8 years of searching, I've finally found a group of Physical Therapists committed to providing individualized care! They're not only treating me, they're TEACHING me to be a better athlete!"

- Ann B.

"I found the staff here skilled and professional. They see that you make "progress" in getting well I recommend them for any kind of treatment: back, hand, and foot. I was pleased with the results."

- George K.

"The best P.T.s I've ever been to, having lived in many states and overseas!"

- Kathy R.

"I recommend Progress to everyone that even hint about a problem."

- Tamika C.

"No matter how many times I fall, you always get me back on my feet."."

- Tina W.

"Progress has taken care of me through two hip replacements and one knee replacement. I have received wonderful care and have had a great recovery due to the good care at Progress. ."

- C.T.B.

"Amanda Miller and Progress Physical Therapy have improved my quality of life to such a great degree! Thank you!!"

- Annette W.

"Progress P.T. helped me through a pregnancy with pain and then afterwards had me painfree. I had been in pain for over two decades."

- Kristina G.