Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient technique utilized therapeutically across cultures and civilizations as far back as 3300BC. Methods and theories have varied through the ages, and cupping techniques have been used to treat many chronic conditions such as musculoskeletal dysfunction, cardiovascular disorders, skin diseases, inflammatory disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders and metabolic disorders.1

Recent randomized controlled trials have shown significantly decreased back and hip pain with cupping in athletes compared to trigger point release and instrument assisted soft tissue techniques, and significantly lower creatine kinase levels indicative of decreased muscle injury.2 Cupping uses localized suction on the skin to create a vacuum effect to decrease pain and improve muscular regeneration.

At Progress PT – Midlo, we are offering cupping therapy sessions to address chronic or acute musculoskeletal disorders including low back and pelvic pain, neck and shoulder pain, bladder and abdominal pain, and fibromyalgia. Cupping sessions are scheduled in 15 or 30 minutes sessions.

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