Post-partum Exercise Class – ‘Restore’

Restore | After Pregnancy | Progressive Physical Therapy LLC

Who: For any woman who has ever been pregnant!

Why: Physical problems can occur after pregnancy/delivery, including:

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Abdominal weakness/protrusion
  • Pelvic, low back, and/or abdominal pain
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Organ prolapse

Often, these problems can be prevented with appropriate instruction. When problems occur, they can be treated with Physical Therapy or sometimes require medication and/or surgical procedures. We believe it is much better to prevent these problems than to treat them after they occur. In other words, we think we can save you time, money, and stress with our program!

The Program: Month to month, including:

  • Initial visit with a Physical Therapist:
    • Evaluation of abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strength*
    • Low back, pelvis, hip examination, if indicated
    • Initial instruction/Education:
      • Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle activation
      • Bladder Habits - Abnormal/normal
      • Pilates exercise principles
  • 1x/week X 4 Weeks, Restore Pilates Class.
  • Re-evaluation with a Physical Therapist after 4 weeks.

*The Restore evaluation does not involve an internal pelvic examination. If, upon evaluation, the client is already having significant problems that need more attention by a Physical Therapist, formal treatment can be scheduled, as indicated.

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